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    Paula Sheen

    I think is an issue with the general design of these air conditioners (minisplits) - I have two although the issue is more present in one room than another.  My issue was that I could set my unit to 72 with the original remote and the unit might think that it still needed to heat even though my thermometer was saying that the room was 78! 

    The solution I found is called 'Room Sense' which uses the Puck's sensor instead of the minisplit itself, this is why I bought a couple units actually (a friend who had a similar issue mentioned it to me).   It took a few hours after turning this feature on for it to learn how my room was heating but eventually, it figured it out and has been keeping our bedroom well maintained.  

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    Flair Support

    Paula's answer in this case is correct, but if you're still having issues, let us know by raising a support request at: 

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