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    Flair Support

    Thanks for the message Nick! We've been making a bunch of cloud improvements on our end and some of these improvements may have affected your API integration. If possible, could you post this issue on our GitHub page? That way we can solve issues and have them available to other users using our Python client on our GitHub. 

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    Nick Waterton

    I have posted this as an issue on your github, but so far zero response.


    The problem seems to be caused by your cloud servers disconnecting prematurely.

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    Nick Waterton

    The issue is caused by flair's http servers chunking incorrectly, (see https://github.com/urllib3/urllib3/issues/1516 ), I have patched the api library (just included timeout=5.0 in their requests calls), and trapping the exception in my code. This seems to be working for now, but the root cause is the flair http server not chunking correctly.

    If anyone needs it, the fixes are here: https://github.com/NickWaterton 

    I have submitted a pull request.

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