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    John Bartlet

    Hi Tyler,

    If you'd like to access Flair through the ecobee API, we recommend letting them know that you'd like to see an integration through their products with Flair. While we integrate with ecobee (we access their API with our integration), they would have to build an integration with us for you to access the Flair API via ecobee.

    In the meantime, we have an Open API that you're free to tinker with! Flair's full-featured REST API is available at api.flair.co. For access, please email hello@flair.co with the email address associated with your registered Flair account. This email address will also be associated with your integration or app.

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    Michael Sandman

    I think the best bet would be to integrate the two yourself i.e. make the call to the first API then use that information to make the call to the second API.

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