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    Flair Support

    Hi Warren,

    To protect user privacy, we cannot discuss account specifics in our public forum. This sounds like it may be best to talk to our support team by opening a ticket. We look forward to helping you!

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    Warren DeLarme

    I have two puck that keep getting set to inactive for no reason. Can you help?

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    Brian Wuttke

    Probably best to open a support inquiry (not because support on the forums in slow, lol)


    Might the pucks be using the Geofencing or Beacon Scanning options?  Maybe that's what is making them inactive.  These setting are in app in the "Device Settings"

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    Warren DeLarme

    Yeah I thought that too but beaconing is turned off. Also only two of the pucks out of 7 or 8 are doing this

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