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    John Bartlet

    Hi David,

    Our article on maintenance bands should help clear this up (it also applies to when Smart Vents open or close). For your convenience, I've pasted a little of it below. Basically, we follow hysteresis norms as established across the HVAC industry in order to prevent excessive wear and tear on equipment:

    If you set your Puck to 70ºF/21ºC, but it’s 69ºF/20.5ºC in your room, you might see that the heat doesn’t turn on. All thermostats, including Flair’s algorithms as well as smart and regular thermostats, maintain a range of about 2ºF/1ºC around your setpoint temperature. This is called a hysteresis band. It is also called a maintenance band. It prevents excessive wear and tear on your HVAC equipment. 

    Flair maintains this industry standard because if it turned on the heat or AC every time the room temperature changed slightly, your HVAC system could turn on and off several times in the span of a few minutes. This would be noisy, uncomfortable, and could affect the health of your HVAC system.

    Flair has a band of 1.8ºF (1.0ºC) above and below your room setpoints. Flair will only switch your heating or cooling on when your room temperature is 1.8ºF away from your setpoint.

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