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    Daniel Myers

    Hey Dan,

    Thanks for this feedback and I definitely get where you are coming from.   There are a few options at the moment and we are contemplating a dedicated gateway device - my favorite part of a dedicated gateway is the possibility for ethernet and skipping wifi setup since that tends to be the most difficult part of setup for a lot of IoT.

    New Flair USB Mount
    To avoid wires to the Gateways, one option is to get one of our new USB Mounts - https://flair.co/products/usb-mount

    There are a more pictures via the link but we tooled up a little adapter for new construction and retrofits to connect Pucks to USB outlets.  You can also just plug them into our adapters and stick the adapters into an outlet in a kitchen or somewhere else where an outlet is a bit higher up.

    Extra Puck
    Another strategy is that some people just grab an additional Puck, connect it as the gateway and leave it somewhere out of sight.

    Wire Drop + Snap Power outlet plate
    One other strategy is to fish a wire behind some drywall and connect the Puck to something like a USB Snap Power outlet plate: https://amzn.to/35GI7xa
    A lot of our Pro installers do this for a clean, wire free install.

    Hopefully that gives you some ideas and thanks again for the feedback, we use user feedback to guide our R&D!

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