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    James Clarke

    Hi Paul Lemieux,

    Thank you for the feedback.

    One of the reasons we currently show the state of the Smart Vents in the expanded drawer is that many Flair rooms have multiple Smart Vents assigned to them and there is not enough real estate, especially in the mobile app, to show all of this information in the room tile.

    We do see the value in seeing the Vent state at first glance when the app is opened.   We will communicate this suggestion to Flair management and discuss ideas regarding this.


    The Flair Team

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    Chuck Askew

    I would like this feature, and I do have one room with 3 vents. I understand the limitation on screen real estate. But with all 3 vents tied to the same room with one sensor in the room, they all close and open within seconds of each other, so the status of the vents is the same across all 3 for 99.9% of the time. I suppose you could set it up otherwise, but if not, perhaps there is a less space-using solution to displaying vent status.

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