Wide vent covers



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    James Clarke

    Hi Matthew Dotson, Conrad Zagarzazu,

    One of our users created some inserts to solve this issue.  You can take a look and even download the 3-d printer file at the link below



    The Flair Team

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    Conrad Zagarzazu

    Same problem here… interests what solution is recommended.

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    Kevin H

    You reduce your intake volume that way and create some added pressure in your hvac. Safest/ideal solution is Flair with an 8x14 vent. I tried it and yes making a gap cover does work but when the vent closes there is indeed a lot of pressure and it's noisy and possibly not good for your air conditioner. 

    I'm amazed Flair doesn't offer more sizes. This would seem to be a small investment to vastly increase the number of potential customers. Loads of houses have a mix of larger and smaller vents. Those customers are lost. 

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