return temperature from Puck in Alexa routine



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    James Clarke

    Hi Eric Zollars,

    Thank you for the great question.

    Currently, our Flair Pucks can not be used to trigger Alexa routines.

    I have submitted your suggestion to our engineers as a Feature Request.  Please note that feature requests are prioritized by the company for inclusion in the product and that a timeline for implementation cannot be guaranteed.


    The Flair Team

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    Eric Zollars

    Thank you James.

    A trigger would be great but I know that the Pucks do not update frequently and you try to conserve battery (which I appreciate).  So, the feature request would be more of having Alexa see the Puck as a thermometer as well as a thermostat.  Then I can choose when/how to collect the most recent reported temperature from the Puck.

    Thanks. As always appreciate the great support from Flair.


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