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    Flair Support

    Hi Vitaly—thanks for the question!

    Right now, while in Auto mode, there is no "switch" to open/close a specific Smart Vent because the Flair algorithms are constantly checking to see which Smart Vents to open and close. If you place your system in Manual mode, you will be able to open/close specific Smart Vents.

    There is a workaround that will allow you to close a Smart Vent. You can temporarily remove a temperature source for a room and the Smart Vent for that specific room will default to manual mode. To do so

    • Click the room tile for a room
    • Click the three dots in the corner to bring up a dropdown menu for the room
    • Click Settings
    • Click Devices
    • Then Click Pucks
    • Uncheck the Puck assigned to the room

    Here is a brief GIF on the above process:


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    Vitaliy K

    Thanks for reply, unfortunately this looks too complicated for workaround. Switching AC off and on is a way easier (but defeats Flair purpose :)

    Please consider this as a feature request:

    Add ability to close particular vent based on schedule or temporary (e.g. for next 30 minutes). This override should work in both manual and automatic mode 

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    Flair Support

    Thanks Vitaliy—we will pass this request to our engineering team! 

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    Chris McIntyre

    There is another option, which may be a few fewer clicks. If you switch the system to “manual” mode, you can then open the vents manually as desired. After dinner, switch back to “Auto”.

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