Ecobee 4 display with flair as set point controller



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    Brian Wuttke

    My assumption is that Flair fudges the temp to help heat or cool room where the master thermostat is not located. They mentioned to me that they might be doing something like this. Reason being is that Flair can't "call for heat / cooling" Flair can only change the "set temp". So if there is heating / cooling required in a room not where the master thermostat (Ecobee) is then the Flair system can set the master set point temp up or down and just open the vents in the " other rooms" where the heating / cooling is required. Hope that makes sense.

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    Mark Sherretz

    That was my assumption.  Just looking for confirmation that things weren't wonky.thanks.

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    Chris McIntyre

    I have had good success with using a Flair with ecobee, but typically have left the ecobee in control of the set point. I’m curious why you would want Flair to control the set point. Guessing maybe you want to be able to use the pucks to change room temperature? I have been using scheduling to achieve this with great success. I set certain rooms to be a degree or two higher or lower than the set point at certain parts of the day to keep the wife happy.

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