Potential customer - We have LG mini-split for AC and Heat plus baseboard Heat




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    Flair Support

    Hi there,

    Our Puck can do all that with your minisplit!

    However, with regards to your furnace. First, we we would require a smart thermostat for full functionality. But, it's important to know that our Minisplit Mirror Mode will work if your smart thermostat has both heat and cool enabled (ie., there are heat and cool wires going into the back of your smart thermostat).

    If your smart thermostat is heat only, and you want your minisplit to cool, I’m afraid Mirror Mode linking does not support this. This is because if your smart thermostat is set to heat to 70F, it doesn’t make sense for your minisplit to cool to 70F. Your smart thermostat and minisplit will continue fighting and heating and cooling the same area and wasting energy.

    We have suggest using Flair scheduling for the minisplit.  Flair scheduling can even set temperatures and schedules on your smart thermostat.

    As for automatically programming the Puck to act as a "second-stage heat" system: users have requested that, but we currently don't have that capability. We'd like to, at one point, add that feature, but it looks like we will not add it during this upcoming heating season. 

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    I am also looking for a solution to this, recently purchased a Flair since I saw it works with my Nest. All the hardware is there, adding a few basic commands or ifttt support and we would be good to go! I just want my mini split to shut off around 32o and my oil furnace to kick on and then switch back when the temp goes above say 35o. I dont understand why no one does this with mini splits exploding in popularity and the rise of the smart home

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