Semi-Automated Room Control




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    John Bartlet

    Hi John,

    Instead of using our automation, you can use our Manual Mode, which will allow you to open and close your Smart Vent via the App. You can also use our Amazon Skill to control your Smart Vents

    If you don't want any temperature-based automation at all, you'll need at least one Puck (preferably in your Home Theater room), and Smart Vents throughout the house. If you have a rather large house, you may want another Puck to ensure the best connectivity to the Flair cloud. 

    With this set up, you will be able to open and close your Smart Vents manually. However, we should note that you will most likely not be able to close all of the Smart Vents (except for the Home Theater) at once. 


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    Shane Starcher

    @... do you have any info on the backpressure system?  The only thing I have seen is the only closing 1/3rd of the vents.  I hate to bring back a old thread, but do you have any info on this backpressure algorithm that gets applied in Manual Mode? 

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