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    Yes, it can do that.

    Using a "dumb" thermostat, I replaced the vents in 2 rooms, and linked them to 2 pucks, 1 pair for each room.  I set a schedule for the room set pints, set Flair to Auto and Heat or Cool.  In Heat mode, when the puck temp is a degree above the set point, it closes the vent.  In Cool mode, when the puck temp is a degree below the set point, it closes the vent.

    I use different set points schedules for heat and cool to adjust the rooms a little differently.

    With this setup, there's no integration with the real thermostat, so the rooms can never turn on the actual heat or cooling.  They just control the vents to limit whatever the impact from the main system would be.

    In your example, you would need a vent and a puck (assuming just 1 vent in the room, add more vents if there are more).  Create a schedule for the two time periods with a set point for each.  In heat mode, when the puck is below the set point and the vent temp is higher, it will open the vent.  Once the room reaches 1 degree above the set point, it will close the vent.


    On my list is to buy 7 more vents and 1 puck to control our finished basement.  With a single real zone, we're always closing the basement vents and automating it next would be nice.  Started with 2 bedrooms just to make sure the concept would work.

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