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    Daniel Myers

    Hi Mark,

    We are working with Google on getting our integration live again but waiting on their process still.  We'll be certain to send out an email update to our email lists when this changes.

    When the Nest integration is live again, it will be able to do mirror mode which works with any integrated smart thermostat.  You'll need a Puck as a gateway no matter what because it serves as the Hub for the additional Pucks in your system.  Pucks configured as gateways don't lose any functionality compared to Pucks configured as Sensors (so yes, you can control a minisplit with a gateway Puck), the only real difference is that Pucks configured as gateways must be plugged in with the included usb adapter and cable where as non gateway Pucks can run off of he included batteries. 

    Some users don't mind the wire on the wall used to power the gateway, others, put the gateway in a room that its easy to hide the wire (for instance, putting the Puck behind a couch where the wire is well hidden) and our Pro installers tend to put in an extra Puck, not connected to any equipment to serve as a dedicated gateway so that all the Pucks in a living space can run totally wirelessly.


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