Gateway temperature accuracy



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    Flair Customer Support

    Hi Everyone,

    A Puck can be calibrated by going into the Puck settings in the Flair app. When you calibrate - or convert between Sensor <-> Gateway - give the Puck some time to adjust.

    If you’re seeing temperature spikes, get in touch with our Support Team at

    All the best, 


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    Julian Garcia

    I had 3 sensors in the same room over night. In the morning they are all wildly inaccurate - 71f, 74f, and 83f. I feel this issues may be related to the sensors themselves not being very quality, coupled with the slow refresh rate of the e-ink screen.  I'm unsure if this could even be fixed with a firmware update. 

    I find is also sad and terrible that i'm responding before a rep from flair is. 


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    Andrew Shaw

    Every time I'm about to pull the trigger on a Flair vent, I come check the forums and find a lack of response and support from the company. I have to weigh this against my desire to automate the heating/cooling of certain rooms and ultimately end up just waiting.

    Flair claims to be financially solvent and doing just fine, but there still hasn't been any sort of update to the cloud software vs local option thread in several months, despite many users replying. I wish we had more options or at the least, better ones

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    Chetan H

    Thanks for the replies.

    A bit of an update - their support has been responding throughout this process and I created this post to see if it happened to others on a consistent basis. I don't really need them to respond here when they are giving me elaborate answers on my support ticket.

    In my case this specifically happened after converting to a gateway.
    So I ran a test and their support verified the graph. I did indeed have a bad puck which for some reason showed varying temperatures at specific times and was consistent otherwise.
    They sent me a return label and are shipping me a replacement.

    On flair offline mode I completely agree. I did my fair share of research before picking flair. I also have a ton of devices that work even if the internet connection is gone and I prefer that for a simple register. Also once flair hits market saturation their business model can't justify the cost of running the cloud service and I am worried they will switch to a subscription model. Look at all the security cameras that started with unlimited cloud storage and changed later on. So it's really important they provide cloud free control of at least the vents.

    Here's my take on why I still chose flair
    1.The Hvac guys I talked to don't care about my house. All they recommend is mini splits everywhere which can cost anywhere from 10k to 20k depending on the rooms. Very few (just 1 of 4 I spoke to) was interested in zoning the house but was honest that it meant ripping apart a newer house in several places.
    2.Nest is the worst. They don't even allow you to choose a specific sensor at a specific custom time window. Their fan settings are minimal.
    The worst part is their differential temperature is 1F and can't be changed. My system is turned on and off almost 20 times a day for 8 hours.
    With flair and a custom nest schedule I brought it down to 8 times a day and a total of 4 hours a day.
    3. I looked at keen but I don't see any activity on any of their sites or forums. They have no availability of products either.

    So far flair has been working great for me if not for this temp inconsistency. The vent build quality is very good. Love the stats it provides and proof that it works.
    So for a under 1k investment I will be glad if this system lasts 3 years.

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