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    James Clarke

    Hi Ryan Langer,

    At this time we don't sell the vent covers separately.

    Let's first make sure you are measuring correctly to determine what size Flair Smart Vent you need.  You need to measure the duct opening that the Smart Vent will fit into.  Please keep in mind that in many homes there are different size duct openings in different rooms and multiple measurements may be needed.

    Once you have these measurements you can refer to this document to determine whether we have an available size that will work for your situation.

    You may not need Smart Vents for every room, please check out this article to determine the airflow scenario in your home and where you will need to place Flair Pucks and Smart Vents.  We currently manufacture Smart Vents in 5 sizes: 4x10, 4x12, 6x10, 6x12, and 6x14.  We may release new sizes in the future but cannot guarantee when these will be available.  If you want to be informed when we do you can sign up for our newsletter here:

    Thank you for writing in!



    Flair Technical Support



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    Victor Gamolsky

    I have the same challenge - 4x14 registers. And I like Ryan's idea of a bigger faceplate for the Flair vent, although I do not see how it will connect to a smaller vent and how the air openings would align.

    I am considering getting 4x12 vents and adding an inch of wood on each narrow side of the vent opening to bring the opening to 4x12 size. Would it work? How wide are the overhangs on the Flair vents? Would they cover the 1" of wood or will it be visible?

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