New Ecobee and Flair system -- pucks and sensor interaction


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    James Clarke

    Hi Gareth Morris,

    Thanks for writing to Flair!

    Flair Gateway Puck(s) is the hub of your Flair system.  They will communicate with the Flair Cloud via WiFi and will talk to all the Sensor Pucks and Smart Vents via RF.  Depending on the layout and construction of your home more than one Flair Gateway Puck may be needed.  If you write to we can discuss some more specifics and ensure you get the right products for your situation.

    With Flair you can run your system in one of two basic modes:

    • SPC Thermostat where Flair will simply control your Smart Vents to redirect airflow in your home
    • SPC Flair App where Flair will write set points to your thermostat based on the temperature inputs it gets from your Flair Pucks, ecobee thermostat, Honeywell thermostat, and their sensors in order to encourage heating or cooling cycles.  This is where the power of Flair is truly unlocked.

    Flair does not directly control the HVAC equipment connected to your thermostat, rather it writes set points to your thermostat to encourage the heating or cooling cycles and accomplish your comfort and energy-saving goals.

    Thanks for your interest in Flair,


    Flair Technical Support

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