Combining Flair with Smart Duct Dampers



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    James Clarke

    Hi Andrew McPheely,

    Some other options for you to consider.

    1. It's possible that depending on the airflow issues you are trying to solve, there may be little to no benefit in closing the two wood floor vents you currently have.  Perhaps you wouldn't even need to use an in-line duct damper.
    2. You could also just have the duct dampers installed on the two wooden floor vents and then use Flair Smart Vents and the Flair system alongside.  Essentially having the two operate independently of each other but toward the same goals.
    3. If there is an API and you can control the duct dampers programmatically you could write an integration that shared data between them and Flair and synced up their operation.  This would be a bit more work on your end.
    4. You could also consider just painting the Flair grills for those two vents.

    Thanks for your interest in Flair!


    The Flair Team

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    As far as I know, Flair doesn't have duct dampers.
    But, I've seen them in the past encourage mods and such, so I'd be curious if you could adapt the electronics to a Zonemaster.

    I'm thinking if you remove the electronics and servo and mount to the Zonemaster? Could be a neat project! Note warranty void if removed lol

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    Matias Cacchione

    Hey there, I had the same issue and I came up with my own flair damper. Basically, I dismantled a flair vent and created a metal frame to install it inside the duct work. It works great. If you want pictures or videos email me to

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