Vent is set to inactive



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    Brian Wuttke

    I had the same problem.

    One of my gateways wasn't working properly

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    Flair Support

    Hi Lawrence—thanks for this message. It looks like your support request has been escalated to a senior member of our engineering team. Keep a lookout for updates in your inbox!

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    Lawrence Van Deusen

    Just wanted to follow up on this issue.  The problem was a combination of user error and the batteries.  The batteries died in several of my vents and i didn't get a notification.  What i realized also as well is that the battery holder screws on the opposite side were loose so after I changed the batteries the vents were still not working correctly. 

    I think my future solution is going to be to hardwire a wall wort to the vents or sometype of POE solution. I need to find out how many amps that I need to distribute to the vents.




    Feature request.  Please provide a battery warning or notification on the main start page when batteries get low or please put battery power notification 

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