Flair with Wall Furnace on Ecobee + Mini Split




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    Flair Support

    Thanks for your question! We do have a mode called Mini Split Mirror Mode. That mode basically allows the mini split to mirror exactly what your ecobee is doing. One thing to keep in mind is that Mirror Mode is not supported if your mini split has both heat and cool (which many do) and your ecobee only has heat (which it sounds like in this situation). 


    What might be the easiest way to use the Puck in this situation would be to use our scheduling with your mini split. You can set the on/off, temperature, etc to work with your home climate goals! If you have any more questions, feel free to raise a request with our customer support team. They'll be able to guide you through your use case. 

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    Aw man, this is exactly what I needed too.  I have an Ecobee with a gas furnace (heat only), and was hoping to add cooling through the Flair Puck to my Mitsubishi mini-splits (with heat pumps).  

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