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    Hi there!

    We do offer this for our Alexa integration. We actually recently made this feature available in Manual mode as well (we'll be updating documentation to reflect this change soon). In Manual mode, you can set the temperature and set a room to on or off. When you set a room to off, the Smart Vents in that room will close, which is what you're looking for!

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    Not doing this myself, but it looks like you already can.  Have you checked this out?

    Looks like you can tell Alexa to turn off a room which should close the vent for that room. The Flair App must be in Auto mode to use this integration.

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    Telling Alexa to turn off a room sets it to Away and telling Alexa to turn on a room sets it to Home. This does not necessarily result in the vent closing or opening unless other settings are in place. You should be able to use Alexa to say open/close vent in a room without changing any settings. It should be like an on/off switch for a light switch operated by Alexa.

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    I have set up the Flair skill on Alexa to test functionality and am finding what Guglaw stated to be true -- although Official Flair Support says Manual Mode is now supported in Alexa, I am not finding that to do anything but allow a room to be turned on and off -- this does not seem to relate to actually opening or closing a vent (or setting it to "Half-Open") as can be manually done in the Flair App.

    Please pass this feature request on to your developers ("You should be able to use Alexa to say open/close vent in a room without changing any settings.") or let us users know what we are doing wrong if you have actually already implemented this.  Thank you, Flair.

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