Building a House - I Want to Wire for Flair



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    Daniel Myers

    Hi James,

    Thanks for reaching out and sorry we didn't make this easier - I went ahead and updated the article to include a link to this transformer.
    In terms of wiring, they can be daisy chained or wired in parallel.  I also was speaking with our engineers last week and they have suggested that 15 vents off of this transformer is perfectly fine as well rather than the listed 10 vents in the included instructions - I also updated this on our knowledge base as well.

    Hope that helps and please do reach out either here or directly to our support team if you have any additional questions!


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    James Hamersbach

    Thanks!  That clears that up nicely!

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    Brian Wuttke

    Daniel Myers Do the vents know they are hard wired? I have 4 (so far) out of my 14 vents hard wired with 18/2.  Do the vents operate differently being hard wired rather than battery?

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