App not picking up smart vents



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    Robert Drinovac

    To pair vents, the puck they are being paired to needs to be a gateway puck. In order for it to be a gateway puck, the puck needs to be powered using the provided cable and adapter, not batteries. Just wanted to clarify this in case you are powering your puck with batteries.

    I would then follow this guide to reset your vents and have your structure enter into “setup” mode in order to discover vents:

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    Flair Customer Support

    Hi Kelli Outlaw,

    Smart Vents use RF to communicate with the Gateway Puck. It's possible the Vents are too far from the Gateway Puck during discovery. I'd recommend moving your Vents close to the Gateway Puck, resetting them as Robert Drinovac mentioned, and then putting Flair into "Setup Mode". To put Flair into Setup Mode, you can do either of the following:

    1. Tap the PLUS sign and select "Add new Smart Vent"
    2. Tap the Flair Menu, go to Home Settings->Flair Devices and tap "Setup mode is off" to enable Setup Mode

    It may take up to 5 minutes for Vents to be discovered. Once discovered, scroll to the bottom of the Setup screen and select "Exit Setup".

    All the best,


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