Ecobee Remote Sensors and Flair Vents



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    Flair Customer Support

    Hi TexasJetter,

    The Set Point Controller setting controls how Flair integrates with ecobee. This article explains more:

    Also, please note that the Flair system can read the room temperature and occupancy from a remote sensor and use it to inform Flair, but Flair Smart Vents don’t communicate directly with ecobee remote sensors.

    This article has a diagram that shows how Flair communicates with a smart thermostat:

    All the best,

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    You have lots of options, depending on what you want to do and which system you want to control the setpoint that turns the heat/cool source on/off.

    Everything depends on how you set it up.



    • You could have one temperature that controls both the vent status and the source status.
    • You could have two independent controls and set them to the same temperature value.
    • You could have two independent controls and set them to them to two independent temperature values that are in conflict.


    There's lots of flexibility, to deal with lots of different home scenarios.  In my personal setup with Flair and Ecobee, I did NOT integrate them.  This creates separate control for vents and source and they have sperate temperature controls.  I've set the schedules in coordination for the results I want and avoiding conflict where Ecobee tries to drive a temperate that Flair is trying to prevent for sensors in the same room.

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