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    Flair Customer Support

    Hi Kessler Marcus,

    Disabling a thermostat in Flair prevents Flair from writing to a smart thermostat. Disabling a smart thermostat is not advisable under normal use and is mainly used for testing purposes.

    Instead, I encourage you to use the Set Point Controller setting. This setting defines what controls the set point for your home: Flair or your Nest. Allowing Flair to control the Nest set point gives Flair an additional layer of control in addition to operating Smart Vents.

    These articles explain more:

    How does Flair work with an integrated smart thermostat?

    How do Smart Vents work?

    All the best,


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    Kessler Marcus

    Thank you Finn. I did use the Set Point Controller setting and the Flair devices are functioning as I want them. Thank you for the response.


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