Flair vent opens and closes when HVAc not running



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    Flair Customer Support

    Hi Phen10,

    Flair does not monitor the HVAC for active heating/cooling states for Smart Vent operation.

    As such, Flair Smart Vents will continue to operate (open/close) even if the HVAC system is not actively heating or cooling.

    All the best,


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    James Clarke

    Hi Phen10,

    Thank you for the question.

    Flair Smart Vents open and close based on the current temperature and current setpoint for the Flair room they are assigned to.  Let me give you an example:

    Let's assume you have a room named "Bedroom" with a set point of 72°F and your Flair system is in Cool mode.  If that Smart Vent was previously open to allow cool air into the room and the temperature in the room drops below 71°F Flair will close that Smart Vent to prevent any further cooled air from entering the room.  This action will take place even if your HVAC system is idle.  To further this example, if the Smart Vent remains closed overnight and the room heats up the next afternoon to above 73°F the Smart Vent will open at that point.  The entire home may not be warm enough for Flair to write lower set points to your thermostat and call for a cooling cycle but the individual Smart Vents will still open or close as needed.

    This 1°F range above and below your room set point is created by a hysteresis value on the backend and is configurable upon request.

    We are always working to improve our products and are exploring different options for just the idea you present, only opening and closing Smart Vents when the system is actively heating, cooling, or running a fan cycle.

    We would like to take a look at your Flair home and would be happy to answer any other questions you have.  I didn't find your Flair home under the email address you used when posting here, but if you write to support@flair.co we would be happy to look into this further with you.



    Flair Technical Support

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    Thanks for the reply and that answers my question.  Doesnt look like the vents can sense when the Ecobe HVAC systems is running.

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    Pieter Viljoen

    I noticed the same, and I immediately thought it is a waste of battery power to operate the vents when the system is not running.

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