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    James Clarke

    Hi Adam Juelich,

    It's important to first establish that your problem room suffers from low airflow.  This is a common issue that Flair can help with.  

    There are three main scenarios that are solved with Flair Smart Vents: rooms with too much airflow, rooms with too little airflow, or uneven temperatures across the home.

    A room that gets too hot in the summer and/or too cold in the winter suffers from too little airflow.  Place a Puck in this room, and then use Pucks and Smart Vents for the other rooms.

    Here is a PDF that explains in a bit more detail:

    It is not necessary to replace the vents in ALL your other rooms.  We suggest you replace your current vents with Flair Smart Vents in the rooms that will make the biggest impact.  These could be rooms with too much airflow that heat up and cool down very quickly or these could be rooms you don't occupy as regularly that can have their Smart Vents closed more often.

    We would be happy to talk further with you about this prior to your purchase.  Please write to if you have any further questions or concerns.

    Please also make sure you measure your actual duct openings so you purchase the right size Smart Vent for your situation.  Here is a link with a great video and explanation:


    The Flair Team


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    If you have a vent and sensor in the same room, try moving the sensor to the furthest possible location from the vent.
    Otherwise, I wonder if you're running into an average system temperature issue. I'm not sure if it applies to your case, as it sounds like you're using ecobee as the set point controller not Flair.

    It could be that the average temperature is acceptable, but the temperature spread of the rooms is higher than you'd like?
    There are threads on this forum regarding average temperatures, perhaps they have some helpful workarounds. 

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    Adam Juelich

    Thanks, but I'm not using Flair yet.  I'm wondering how I can solve this problem with Flair in the cheapest way possible.

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    Hi Adam,

    Ah, I see. I imagine you've already looked at the flair guide and calculator here: Smart Vents | Flair
    According to the calculator, yeah, it would be flair vents for every room.

    I had a similar question, and decided to use smart vents in the rooms that mattered most (kitchen/living room, and master bedroom). All other main floor vents are the regular ones (1800 sq ft). 

    I've found having 4 out of 10 vents as smart vents give the system enough control to force air into the master bedroom (but thats just my 2cents). You need at least 1 puck to communicate to the vents (seems like you already have room temp via ecobee).

    Hope this helps :)

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